Blown away in windy Wellington!

Wellington, our capital, that which, in my opinion was once dreary and dull, is now a humming, thriving city worthy of competing with the best of them worldwide.

I have the opportunity to travel to Wellington regularly for work, but alas never get enough time to truly explore and indulge in the delights of the city. That is my excuse for returning as often as possible on personal trips anyway! So of those of you who have not had the pleasure of spending time here, let me tell you why it’s a must.

Courtney Place – this is where the action is, bars, cares and restaurants that accommodate every taste and preference possible. Whether you want a brunch with your Mum or an all night bar hopping bender with your old uni mates, it is the place to have a good time. My pick for an amazing night out – cocktails at The Library and dinner at Chow. Chow have 2 restaurants in Wellington so if you can’t make it to Courtney Pl try for their other location by Lambton Quay.

Te Papa and Parliment: The Beehive – our country’s best museum and our Government buildings are an informative and enjoyable experience that will make you feel like you have learned something while having fun. A great way to trick the kids into an educational trip!

The Waterfront boardwalk – the best city walk in NZ that I know of, Wellys has done a fantastic job of creating a boardwalk that stretches the length of the waterfront and ca get you from one end of town to the other, soaking in all the scenes in between. When I was in town for an AC/DC concert a few years ago (please don’t judge me), we walked the boardwalk on a roasting hot day, stopping at several great pubs and bars along the way, watching kids diving into the brilliant blue water to cool off. One of my all time favorite memories of Wellington to date.

‘The Cake Tin’ – is the beloved nickname for the huge stadium based in the city. It is the home to local sports teams like the Wellington Hurricanes Super 15 rugby team, the Wellington provincial rugby team, the Wellington Phoenix soccer team and of course, an amazing venue for top concerts and events…like AC/DC! It has a great atmosphere and I had an awesome time there supporting my team, the Canterbury Crusaders in their triumph over the Hurricanes… Sorry I couldn’t resist!

So, don’t let the warnings of wild winds put you off, visit Wellington, it has something for everyone. My next step is to start exploring some of the local haunts, generally unknown to newbies in the city. So come on Wellingtonians, share with us your favorite places or recommendations and grow the love of Wellys even more!