All about me

I have always had a love of travel, stemming from listening to my uncle’s stories about his travelling adventures when I was little.  I knew then that I would do my O.E (overseas experience) when I was older and once I finished university I took off for England.

Prior to living in England I had travelled a little throughout New Zealand and Australia, but over the 3 years while living in London, I was able to travel throughout Europe and also managed trips to America, Turkey and Egypt.

On my way home to New Zealand my husband and I visited America, Fiji and Australia. We have since returned several times to different places in Australia,  and have also visited Rarotonga.

My most recent overseas trip was to Cuzco, Peru for an international conference.  Visiting Machu Picchu was one of my biggest travel highlights.

One of our aims now is to see more of our own country, Aotearoa-New Zealand.  I am excited to plan and partake in the many trips that will now be family holidays rather than just me or my husband and I, however I know that travelling with 2 young children will bring it’s own challenges which is where the idea of this blog came from.  A way to share ideas and hopefully find cheaper holiday options that will still produce amazing experiences!


My husband, kids and I

The Bell whanau/family


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