Nau mai, haere mai-I need your travel advice!


I am beginning to get withdrawals.  

It’s true, I am addicted to travelling and without a trip to plan, I feel lost.  Not that working full time, with 2 young children doesn’t keep me busy, but this is what I love and I ALWAYS have a trip planned.

Problem is, my husband and I are off to Melbourne (watch this space for the next post) for my sister’s 30th in 2 weeks time but after that…the deep dark black hole of traveless time beckons.

That’s where you step in. What I want to know is where should we go next? The only catch is, this trip is to be a family trip, kids are coming along too! They were unable to come to Melbourne as its only for 2 nights and its a 30th party…I’m sure there is no need to explain further! I want the next trip to be for all 4 of us, so here’s the brief:

  • Somewhere warm and sunny
  • Not going to break the bank
  • Kid friendly (2 girls, ages 2.5yrs and 1yr)
  • Most likely to take the trip early to mid next year

Here is an idea of what I have been considering so far:

  • Flying to Auck and taking a campervan around the Northland hotspots, Coromandel, Bay of Islands
  • Heading to a Pacific island – Fiji or Samoa
  • Thailand!

Thailand is number 1 on my must visit hit list.  The only trouble is it is quite a distance, flights can be expensive-although cheap food and accommodation once you are there, and the big issue is the time difference travelling with 2 young children. I keep thinking that maybe it should wait until they are older, or perhaps make it a Mum and Dad only trip.

What I now need from you is feedback-please let me know your thoughts. What, if any, of the options I’m considering are worth doing, do you have any advice or experiences from having done a similar trip yourself, or where would you go and why if you were me?

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3 thoughts on “Nau mai, haere mai-I need your travel advice!

  1. Kate says:

    I don’t have advice – just that I am jealous!!! I want to go somewhere too!! But as I look out the window of our new house, I see the topsoil that needs to be spread, the grass seed that needs to be bought, gardens that need to be made, fences ……. I guess that is where my ‘trip’ money is going!!! xoxo

  2. Tania Coutts says:

    Work hard – play hard I say:-) Always planning our next trip too! Port Douglas was AWESOME but def not cheap with our NZ dollar at the moment… LOVE traveling with our children and have done so from when they were little too. Top destinations for sunshine and affordability – Bail and Phuket. A whole group of us went to Bali one year with 3 children under 1 and all went really well. Balinese people so incredibly friendly and loving with the babies. Every restaurant we went to someone would come and disappear with the baby while we ate:-) Quite scary the first time!!! Bali/Phuket give you the option of lazing by the pool and not even realising you are in the hustle bustle OR getting out and doing shopping and touristy things too….. OH the fun you can have pouring over the internet ‘virtually’ traveling as you plan! Good luck! PS – Northland always a FAB destination and would love to have you and the whanau visit my neck of the woods!!!

  3. Jane Thwaites says:

    Tarm just spent the morning with a friend from Perth she is currently a sales rep for Although it is an Australian web site it still has heaps of ideas to help on destinations, attractions and kid friendly places. Definately a site to have a look at when you are in the planning stages

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