Which of these wonderous places have you travelled to?

Have you seen some of these wonders with your own eyes?  If not, which ones are on your bucket list-things to see before you ‘kick the bucket’?  How many of these can you identify by name and location?  Please add your thoughts in the comment box below.

collage of new world wonders


7 thoughts on “Which of these wonderous places have you travelled to?

  1. anaherabell says:

    For the record, I have visited 7 and 1/2 of these amazing sites! Machu Picchu, the Colosseum, Stonehenge, the Giza Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, the Sydney Harbour Bridge-I even climbed it with my husband and the half is Rapa Nui-I haven’t been to Easter Island but I did see one of the orginal statues in Peru, the only one to have left the island! My aim is to post a photo of me at each of these places, I just have to hunt them out first! : )

    I’m keen to hear where you have been!

  2. Suzie Vesper says:

    I’ve been to seven and a half of these too – the pyramids (on my own travelling through Egypt), Eiffel Tower (though I didn’t go up!), Angkor Wat (on my honeymoon), Alhambra in Granada (with an ex! – have travelled extensively around Spain and love it), the Colosseum (spent 7 days in Rome), and I’ve driven past Stonehenge! My mum is from Australia so we used to go to Sydney as kids so I’ve eaten gelato in front of the Opera House. I did go to Manhattan but really couldn’t be bothered with all the cueing required to get to the Statue of Liberty but I could see it from a distance!

    My favourite destination of all time is not in the picture list. I went to Petra in Jordan and I think that is the place that blew me away the most out of everywhere I’ve been. It is on such an amazing scale. I’m also keen for you to say where you have been 🙂

    Oh and the only travelling I do for sport is to get away from the crowds 🙂 I’m SO not a sporting person.

    • anaherabell says:

      Thanks Suzie for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, what a coincidence that we both visited 7 1/2 of these sites! I love seeing my photos and talking about my travels but it’s hard too, makes me yearn for doing it all again.
      I think my next post is about festivals, specifically Running with the Bulls & Beerfest-have you been to either of them?

  3. Hazel Owen says:

    It’s great to read of where you have been and what you have experienced, Tamara 🙂 Between us, John (my husband) and I, have visited a fair few of the places pictured above….and the others are on the list of places to go. I must say that (apart from the watery bits) our preferred mode of transport is cycling, and we’re pretty keen to cycle through some of South America and Spain – maybe in 2013…

    One of the best journeys we have taken to date was a cycle tour in 2007 (our first joint blog too: http://johnandhazelscycletour2007.blogspot.com/). It was incredible – the diversity of the people was astonishing. However, one thing that was yet again reinforced was the ‘kindness of strangers’ – from the wonderful family in Poland who thought we were completely barking wanting to camp in a tent when there were cabins there (and I still blush about the faux pas with their kitchen and their understanding), to the Swedish bike mechanic in Switzerland who helped re-do the spokes on my wheel (for the price of a chat and a beer), to the truck driver in France that nearly ran a car off the road to give us plenty of room when he passed. There are many more examples…and it brings a tear to my eye, and gladness to my heart.

    Travelling can be life-changing…if you let it 🙂 🙂

    • anaherabell says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to share some of your experiences Hazel. I am so impressed with your cycle trip, the longest cycle trip I have completed was for 5 days and it nearly killed me…well my bum anyway! : )
      Thanks again, it was great to read your comment!

  4. Maree says:

    Hey Tarms,
    Scott and I have been to 7 or these as well!! Obviously the next on our list is the Great Wall, which we are planning to do early next year.
    Our favourite city of the above pics is probably Istanbul, although so hard to choose.
    We are off for a family holiday (actually leaving in about 1 hour to an Island called Sanya – supposedly the Hawaii of China – I’m a little dubious about that but hopefully it is fun. As you will know travelling with 2 kids is a lot less relaxing than it used to be but also pretty cool seeing them have fun too. For your proposed family trip I vote for Thailand, cheap once there and lots of things for the kiddies to do – even kids clubs at resorts so you and Josh can get a few hours for a massage or dinner. I think you may find Fiji a little less to do (although we stayed on a small island there, Scott got a little bored), Rarotonga is another option, I like Raro better than Fiji personally.
    Enjoyed reading your blog so far – great to celebrate travel, and look forward to more posts!
    Maree Crozier

  5. Uh-oh–I’m feeling a bit behind the curve here…only 5..but I’m working on them! 🙂

    I often joke that I come from a family of nomads–even though I grew up in California. My parents traveled the world extensively, (As best as I can recall, their count was around 17, maybe 18) and they raised all 9 children to be travelers as well. In fact, two of my sisters each stored all of their belongings and spent a year traveling around the world. The older of those 2 spent an additional 4 or 5 months traveling around the world with her husband and 3 children. I truly believe that one of the best gifts we can give our children is an insatiable curiosity for the world beyond their own backyard.

    Your blog is great fun, and until I am out traveling once again, I will have fun following your adventures!

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